The Cornwall Seal Group Research Trust needs our help!

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We support this awesome charity because our endangered seals are at risk. Can you help?
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COVID-19 has left Cornwall Seal Research Trust with a funding shortfall for their Marine Conservation Rangers from September 2019. Seals need Rangers to lead ID work, support 450+ volunteers and inspire the public to make daily changes to keep our oceans safe for seals and people. We depend on seals to balance our marine ecosystem. This is essential to make the oxygen we breathe. Seals are also our globally rare wildlife tourist attraction helping diversify coastal economic prosperity. The more people help to protect our endangered seals, the more memories seals will continue to create for today’s children, their children and their children’s children.

In 20 years, CSGRT have processed over 1 million photos resulting in 72,000+ IDsSeals first met in 2000 are still alive in 2020. (Each seal’s fur pattern is unique and like a human fingerprint can help us to track them for life.)

In 2019, the Marine Rangers directly connected with more than 12,000+ people in marine centre at 159+ events. These inspire the next generation to keep our seas clean and healthy for marine life and people. CSGRT share data on seals, birds, dolphins, microplastics, entanglement and disturbance globally. This informs planning, policy and legislation to protect our oceans.

Cornwall Seal Research Group Trust (CSGRT) is a charity dedicated to protecting the lives of endangered seals and their vital marine environment across the SW.

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