“Otter Country” – Miriam Darlington at Chagword

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For anyone who wasn’t able to attend Miriam’s recent book launch of “Otter Country” at Exeter University, there will be another chance to hear her speak at the Chagword literary festival in Chagford at 10am on Saturday 16th March.

Prize-winning poet Miriam Darlington is being hailed as one of the leading voices in the new generation of British nature writers. Here she shares her extraordinary year-long journey through different landscapes, seasons, weather and light in pursuit of one of Britain’s most  beloved and elusive creatures, the wild otter. En route, she talks to otter experts, conservationists, ecologists, walkers, zoo-keepers, fishermen, scientists, hunters, and fellow poets – but above all she learns how to track and be around otters, and that the stillness required to spy this shy animal can bring many unexpected wonders.

Tickets £6.50, book online at http://www.chagword.com/#/miriam-darlington/4569092058 or call 07564 025303