May 14th – A Review of Invasive Mammals in Devon

Mammals are only a small proportion of invasive species in GB, but they have disproportionally large impacts and can have devastating consequences for native wildlife.

What’s happening to mink? Should we be more concerned about muntjac in Devon? Is the grey squirrel the most problematic mammal in the County?

Invasive non-native species have been moved from their place of origin with the assistance of humans and can have a negative impact on the environment, the economy and even human health.

Invasive mammals that have established in Britain include rats, mice, grey squirrels, rabbits, deer, mink, ferrets. In the past they included other species such as coypu and Himalayan porcupine (near Okehampton). New species may include the raccoon…

This talk will cover a range of topics including a review of the status of invasive mammals in Devon, their impact on native mammals, horizon scanning for new mammals that may become problematic, biosecurity, societal values and the wider approach to invasives by the GB Non-Native Species Secretariat will be considered.

Kate Hills is the Invasive Non-Native Species Ecologist at South West Water and Vice Chair of the Mammal Society.

Tuesday 14th May 2019 at 7.30pm
as part of National Invasives Week 13th -17th May
Jurys Inn, Western Way, Exeter EX1 2DB

Members: £1.50 Non-Members: £3.00

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Email: or Mobile: 07738098182

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