Going batty around Exeter

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Exeter Bat Group (a subgroup of Devon Bat Group)

Photo showing the size of our commonest bat species – the common pipistrelle (photo: Greg Slack)
Photo showing the size of our commonest bat species – the common pipistrelle (photo: Greg Slack)

DMG’s spring ‘Pips and pints’ bat walks around central Exeter have proven popular over the last 5 years. The most recent event at Catacombs park, St David’s, found plenty of common and soprano pipistrelle activity as well as the rare Nathusius pipistrelle foraging over the river near the quay. Now a voluntary project set up by members of Devon Bat Group, Exeter DWT Local Group and Devon Mammal Group looks to expand this regular slot in the DMG calendar via an Exeter bat sub-group.

The aim is to explore historical, but recently unmonitored sites around the city, as well as survey new locations, to build up a better picture of bat presence and activity.  At the same time these survey sessions will be an opportunity to gain experience using bat detectors and identifying bats.

The group is looking to undertake a number of surveys around Exeter during spring and summer 2013 (and there may be a chance of some winter events too).  If you would like to join the group for a survey or two, or if you have a suggested site or building which you know/suspect is used by bats and would like to help survey it, please let us know.  When suggesting sites for survey it would be great if the site is either open to the public or if the owner is known and happy to have us loitering around at dusk!

You can contact the Exeter subgroup (preferably) by email to the group’s Google forum exeter-bat-group@googlegroups.com or via the Devon Bat Group website: http://www.dbg.me.uk/ or, if internet access is a problem, please phone Greg Slack 07581 536488.