May 14th – A Review of Invasive Mammals in Devon

Mammals are only a small proportion of invasive species in GB, but they have disproportionally large impacts and can have devastating consequences for native wildlife. What’s happening to mink? Should we be more concerned about muntjac in Devon? Is the … Continued

The Devon Beaver Project

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Beavers in Devon have been making news in recent months. The Devon Wildlife Trust is involved in two separate projects – a captive monitoring project in North Devon and a wild population living on the River Otter in East Devon. … Continued

Beavers are back!

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Its official, beavers are back! Natural England have just granted Devon Wildlife Trust a five year licence to monitor the River Otter beavers. Read more about it on the Devon Wildlife Trust website: “Its official, beavers are back”

Polecats and Scottish Wildcats

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An interesting article from British Wildlife (June 2014) on hybridization e.g. polecats and feral ferrets, or Scottish Wildcats and domestic cats: is it a polecat or a polecat-ferret and does it matter? Polecat & cat hybridisation

PTES “Living With Mammals” Survey

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The People’s Trust for Endangered Species has announced a new survey aimed at understanding and encouraging the biodiversity on our doorsteps. The survey starts on Monday 31st March and all you have to do is spend some time observing a … Continued

Geoffroy’s Bat – A New UK Species…

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A round up of some of the news coverage of the recent discoveries of Geoffroy’s Bat in the UK. The species was first found in Sussex in 2012: The Sussex individual was located again this year, and … Continued

National Polecat Survey – Records Wanted

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In January, The Vincent Wildlife Trust is starting a national polecat distribution survey, following on from two previous surveys in the 1990s and early 2000s. The aims of the survey are to gather up-to-date information on the current distribution of … Continued