April 23rd – Cats and Mice

Peter Cooper and Sarah Butcher will share the stage to report on the exciting projects they have been working on.

There is increasing interest in the feasibility of restoring Wildcats to England and Wales, from where they have been locally extinct for over 150 years. Pete Cooper, from the Derek Gow Consultancy will talk about what is practical and how they have been developing a strategy for potential reintroduction.


Devon Mammal Group’s Harvest Mouse Project Officer, Sarah Butcher, will present her report on the work she, and the huge team of volunteers she has trained, have carried out this winter. She will bring you up to date wit h what they have found, and tell you a little more about what she has planned for next winter.

When: April 23rd

Where: Jurys Inn, Western Way, Exeter EX1 2DB

Members: £1.50 Non-Members: £3.00

To book please contact Helen: hkcalver@btinternet.com or call 07738098182

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